garage door sensor replacement

The functionality of garage door sensors

Garage door sensors are an important part of your garage door that ensures the smooth moving of your garage door. There is an infrared ray that is emitted from your garage door sensors and while closing if anything is on the way to your garage door. A garage door will stop at its place instantly, so if there is any damage to your garage door sensors. This would result in more severe damage if services of garage door sensor replacement Wayne are not given timely. There may be a possibility that your garage door may start operating in the opposite direction. You are trying to close your garage door and it starts opening and after that, it gets stuck in one place. Now you would need garage door sensor replacement Wayne as early as possible.

Reasons that may result in obstruction of sensors

Experts of Simo Garage Door LLC suggest that if there is any obstruction on the path of your garage door sensors this can fail its working. Even if LED lights that are present on the sensor are not working properly then that can be a possible reason for the improper functioning of your garage door sensors. Check for the proper power supply of your garage door sensor, that connection is built properly. Look for any kind of dust or debris near the sensor and if there is any, make sure to clean it immediately. And if even after taking care of all safety measures, it still needs garage door sensor replacement Wayne, then contact Simo Garage Door LLC without any hesitation. Simo Garage Door LLC is dealing with every sort of garage door and no matter what issue is causing its functionality. We will help you in every situation.